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Mindelact Praia Extension Partners
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beautiful figure

Day 09.11 - 21:00

National Assembly Auditorium

National Theater S. João - Portugal

What style would Bella Figura belong to if it were a piece of music? Yasmina Reza responded thus: “An escape, perhaps. The writing style is contrapuntal. We hear different voices representing at different times.” In this case, five voices of as many characters that expose – in quick and oblique dialogues – their anxieties, frivolities, hypocrisies, cowardice, lies. 

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Day 10.11 - 20:00

Ildo Lobo Palace

National Theater S. João - Portugal

In Achadiço Nuno Cardoso builds, for himself and for the audience (challenged to share, on the surface, the improvisation), a point of interruption where the meaning of this work is returned applied to life. In this creative territory, the breath of memory makes theatrical time a labyrinth of references and the creator/actor's body a black hole that absorbs and synthesizes everything.

Sítio 4 Web.jpeg


Day 10.11 - 21:00

CCP Praia Auditorium

company Chanca - Portugal

An elderly couple who live in a village in the interior of Portugal receive a postcard announcing the birth of their grandson. The two decide to pack some gifts to send to their grandson who is abroad and set off on a long walk. With the package under their arm and a sweet fury of life, they will experience a series of small and tender adventures, share memories and even put out a fire. 

Todos os Sonhos do Mundo 04 Web.jpeg

all the dreams in the world

Day 11.11 - 21:00

CCP Praia Auditorium

Satyrus - Brazil

An unusual character takes advantage of every moment to turn it into a game. Your goal is to get in touch with the public, through their madness and play with all the problems. A lively and different show that mixes several theater and circus techniques, such as hula hoop, balance, handling objects, based on the street clown technique. 

Naifs 01.jpg


Day 14.11 - 20:00

Ildo Lobo Palace

Daiane Baumgartner - Brazil

Inspired by the French suit Naïf, created to designate naive and spontaneous art, the puppeteer and multiartist Daiane Baumgartner portrays the daily life of a lady building a poetic and playful environment. Through the mixture of music, puppets and dance, she enters the scene with the joys and pains, the anxieties and emptiness contained in the memory and in the stories experienced by this old lady, proposing an invitation to the appreciation of our day to day. Unforgettable. 


the notary

11.17th - 21.00h

CCP Praia Auditorium

Yuran Henrique - Cape Verde

Based on the work of  Nobel Prize, José Saramago, “As Intermitências da Morte”, this piece   makes us reflect on the role of death in our societies and how to bad we can become, trying to take advantage of even the most painful circumstances, such as the death of a close being.


tchon di balanta

Day 18.11 - 20:00

Ildo Lobo Palace

Welket Bungue - Guinea Bissau

 dança, movement and musicality that are inscribed under the desire of an individual to explore what remains of his cultural heritage of African origin, and the post-modern European-Western man he has become.

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