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All shows have free admission upon prior reservation, with the exception of the show "Amílcar Geração" whose ticket costs 500$00 and will be on sale in the usual places, in the city of Praia.
Mindelact Praia Extension Partners
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Day 05.11 - 20:30
CCP Praia Auditorium

company Ana Gonzalez (Spain)

A wonderful show with one of the most appreciated dance styles in the world, the magical Flamenco! Unmissable!Partnership Embassy of Spain in Cape Verde & Camões CCP Praia


hamlet canceled

Day 06.11 - 20:30
CCP Praia Auditorium

Vinicius Piedade (Brazil)

An extra in what would be the largest production of the show HAMLET ever performed in his city, unhappy with the CANCELLATION of the play in which he dreamed of participating, decides to build his own adaptation of this grandiose production that did not take place, using fragments of texts for this purpose. originals, excerpts from the director's proposal, pieces of the sets that were being built and pieces of the costumes that were being made, in the hope of being able to bring to the public an adaptation of this daring conception of direction, offering their small version of the greatest theatrical work ever written.

Amilcar 01.jpg

Amílcar Generation

Day 08.11 - 20:30
National Auditorium
Jorge Barbosa

Culturprojet  (Portugal)

The central premise of the show is the idea that two men come together in Amílcar Cabral — one whom we call “Cabral” and another whom we call “Amílcar”. Cabral is the man who systematically and scientifically carried out a masterful plan for the independence of Guinea and Cape Verde. Amílcar is the earthly man, who fell in love with a transmontana woman, who studied agricultural engineering, who faced poverty in Cape Verde, Portugal and Guinea, who liked to play football and talk.


the path of lord dolores

Day 10 - 16:00/18:30
CCP Praia Auditorium

Lucien Elsen and Vanessa Buffone (Luxemburg)

After leaving his destroyed country, Señor Dolores hits the road amid strong winds and storms. He doesn't look for a house or a place to stay, he passes: right arrow in the desired direction. Where risk and insecurity, he finds food and rest. A path of loss and failure, courage, strength and fantasy. Face to face with danger: Señor Dolores moves on, lives and dreams.

Nha Identidade Web.jpeg

my identity

Day 12.11 - 20:30
CCP Praia Auditorium

Gaspar Ribeiro (Cape Verde)

The Nha Identidade project was born during the training course at INAC – National Institute of Circus Arts. From the beginning of the project there was a clear intention to talk about my roots: Cape Verde, Africa. During the process, however, I was bombarded by news of hate crimes, racism and xenophobia, and I felt the need to bring a political bias to the work, as a way of expressing a cry of protest against all forms of oppression. The intention of this work is not at all to assume an aggressive or hostile stance, on the contrary, it is to promote a reflection that sensitizes the public and promotes changes in attitudes in society.

Claudio Santos 01.jpeg

je suis dzenraskod

Day 13.11 - 20:30
CCP Praia Auditorium

Cláudio Santos  (Belgium)

“It occurs to me to question my identity, the meaning of my origins and all the influences that constitute me; and a sense of family, the one I grew up in and all the fraternal encounters that make up my extended circle. But I would like to deal with it in many ways, awakening all the senses through dance, theater, music and videos. The show's format echoes who I am: "I AM DZIRACHKOD": I am resourceful, in Creole. Writing this one-on-one is the culmination of a dream, and I would like to tell you through my story something more universal than it seems.”

Morte e Vida Severina.jpeg

death and severe life

Day 14.11 - 20:30
CCP Praia Auditorium

CCP Mindelo Theater Group

& Vamar Martins (Cape Verde)

A scenic version of the epic poem by João Cabral de Mello Neto, which talks about the hardships of the drought in the Brazilian Northeast, in a scenario that will be transported - in a scenic creolization perspective - to the scenario of the island of Santo Antão, in the period of intense drought and famines that devastated the Cape Verdean archipelago in the 20th century. This show has an absolutely experimental identity, bringing together music, theatre, poetry and animated forms in an unprecedented way in Cape Verdean performing arts, in yet another inventive staging by João Branco.

UNA 01.jpeg


Day 15.11 - 20:30
CCP Praia Auditorium

Teresa Fabião (Portugal) 

UNA is performative research on HIV, based on biographical, biomedical and sociopolitical issues. From a dramaturgy based on metaphors and bodily states, the idea of kintsugi - a Japanese philosophy that values flaws and fissures - is approached through the experience of a body that dances to life, revealing other meanings behind the weather. It explores processes of body and identity transformation driven by living with this virus, reflecting on how these processes can metaphorically illuminate paths for the current moment. UNA talks about changing skin, talks about a new condition of life. A raw performance, which discusses social issues such as discrimination, oppression, paradox, and the resilience of bodies in dialogue with these issues.

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