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04 and 05nov


company Clara Andermatt / Mayra Andrade (Portugal/Cape Verde)


artistic direction: Clara Andermatt |creation: Clara Andermatt and João Lucas |tribute idea: Darlene Barreto |special participation: Mayra Andrade |creation assistance: Felix Lozano, Amelia Bentes |interpreters: Avelino Chantre (Avê), Bruno Amarante (Djam Neguin), Diogo Picão Oliveira, Domingos Sá (Kabum), Jorge Almeida, José Cardoso (Zeca), Nickita Bulú, Sócrates Napoleão |light drawing: Nuno Meira |costumes: José António Lieutenant |scenic space: Artur Pinheiro |sound design and operation: Ricardo Figueiredo |lighting operation: Manuel Abrantes |video and making of: Catarina Alves Costa |production: ACCCA - Clara Andermatt Company |co-production: Centro Cultural de Belém, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Cineteatro Louletano, Cine-Teatro Avenida, Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, 23 Miles - Ílhavo |co-production residencies: Musiberia, O Espaço do Tempo |  residency partners in Cape Verde: Camões - Portuguese Cultural Center in Praia, Santa Catarina City Council |communication partner: Antenna 2 |support for the transcription of the audiovisual file: University of Aveiro |executive production: Helena Menino, João Albano, Andreia Cordeiro / ACCCA |production support: Line of Escape, Jasper Walgrave |support and thanks: Darlene Barreto, Andreia Falcão Mendes, João Branco, Bob Mascarenhas, Raiz di Polon, Estúdio Gota D'Arte, Teatro do Bairro, Cape Verde Cultural Center in Lisbon, Interpress - Bairro Alto Creative Hub


Beach and Mindelo Tour I Cape Verde
partnerships: Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General for Arts, Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries of Cape Verde, Mindelact Artistic and Cultural Association and Mindelact Festival 2022, Camões – Portuguese Cultural Center in Praia, Orlando Pantera Foundation |supports: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation | support for local production: Orlando Pantera/Darlene Barreto Foundation, Elizabete Fernandes (Betty), Mano Preto.


The ACCCA is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic - Ministry of Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts.

Photographs by Rita Carmo / CCB



Musician and composer Orlando Barreto, better known as Pantera, was born on the island of Santiago, Cape Verde, in 1967 and left us at the age of 33. His daughter Darlene - who was only 6 years old at the time of her father's death - has carried out, in recent years, an in-depth research on the life and work of Pantera; It was in this context that he challenged us to pay him a tribute.

Pantera broke new ground in the music of his country. Cape Verde and its people pulsed in his voice: exploring the forms of tradition, he gave birth to a poetry full of love, insight and assertiveness. On these traits we find our own vision, through the experiences we were able to share with him, as a friend and as an artist. In addition to this reunion in the revival of his creativity and affection, we followed a path of exploration, diving into his land, customs and culture, while projecting them in a contemporary world where he also positioned himself.

This is, therefore, a show built on the wanderings of memory. And it is, above all, an intense and dynamic experience of collaboration. Each of the performers establishes a personal relationship in remembering their own experience and gives us a creative wealth that becomes the value and meaning of this tribute. Between the much that remains to be done and the much that remains to be said, this is our hug for Pantera.

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