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The Associação Artística e Cultural – Mindelact is a non-governmental organization – NGO, of an artistic and social nature, not for profit, which essentially aims at the development and promotion of the performing arts in Cape Verde, focusing on the organization of activities directly or indirectly. linked to Cape Verdean theater. The Association brings together theater agents from Cape Verdean theater groups and individuals from almost all areas of Cape Verdean artistic and social life, in addition to a significant number (about 80%) of young people._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


The Mindelact Association was formed in 1996 and was recognized as a legal entity on February 27, 1997 by the then Minister of Justice and Internal Administration and published in Official Bulletin n.º 9 – I Series of March 10, 1997.

In the various Activity Plans, the Association has paid attention to the training of young people in the various disciplines linked to the performing arts, support for Artistic Education in terms of documentation for study, launch of the magazine “Mindelact – Teatro em Revista”, publication of national dramaturgy, “March – Theater Month” and the Mindelo Theater International Festival – Mindelact.

As the Association is a non-profit organization, members are exempt from paying dues, with the only source of funding being the sponsorship and support granted to the activities carried out by it, through specific agreements or the signing of protocols.


The Associação Artística e Cultural – Mindelact defined, in its first General Assembly, its action objectives, which are set out in article 1 of its Statutes, which are the following:

a) Promote and develop the dissemination of theater in Cape Verde;

b) Organize annually, whenever possible in the second half of the year, the Mindelo International Theater Festival - Mindelact;

c) Promote and encourage exchanges between national theater groups;

d) Encourage and support theatrical groups that already exist in Cape Verde and those that will form;

e) Promote training actions in the field of Theatre;

f) Enrich and keep in operation the Center for Documentation and Theater Research in Mindelo, which allows the collection, cataloging and treatment of material relating to Cape Verdean theatre;

g) To promote and encourage the development of National Dramaturgy;

h) Serve as a liaison, when requested, in the areas of training and internationalization, between national theater agents and groups and international institutions;​

i) Annually award the Theatrical Merit Award, whenever possible, on World Theater Day.



The Artistic and Cultural Association – Mindelact is organized as follows:


General Assembly 

It is the highest body of the Association, made up of its members and meets, ordinarily, once a year, usually in March. The maximum representatives of the General Assembly are, as stated in the Law on Associations, the following:


- Chairman of the Board

- Vice President of the Board

- Secretary of the Board


Fiscal Council

Its main function is to supervise the entire financial component of the Association, being responsible for confirming the accounts presented annually by the Board and giving its opinion at the General Assembly. It consists of:


- President

- Vice president

- Secretary



It is the executive body of the Association, coordinates and directs all activities. As of 2017,   will consist of nine elements, namely:


- President

- Two Vice Presidents

- 4 vowels

- Treasurer / Financial Officer

- Secretary














Mindelact Association awarded by the Presidency of the Republic


The Mindelact Artistic and Cultural Association is pleased to announce that it has received from the Presidency of the Republic of Cape Verde the following Official Note: 

Excellency Mr President of Mindelact Association

Dr João Branco

SE the President of the Republic, Jorge Carlos Fonseca, will honor some natural and legal persons, for the passage of another anniversary of National Independence, on the 5th of July, for their contribution, in their specific area, to social, economic progress and cultural heritage of Cape Verde, in these 42 years.

At the cultural level, the Mindelact Association is among the institutions that have been most concerned with the dissemination of Cape Verdean theater and dramaturgy, seeking, in more than twenty years of history, to make each Theater Festival or cultural event in its vast calendar, a true sociocultural event in Mindelo, but with positive impacts throughout the country. The richness of Cape Verdean culture is also the result of the seeds that agents, groups, cultural activists in the broadest sense, playwrights, actors, technicians, moisten with their work and dedication, with each passing day, most often selfless way.

Cape Verde, in the person of its highest magistrate, recognizes the very important contribution made by the Mindelact Association. Therefore, the PR decided to award the Mindelact Association the 1st Class Order of the Volcano, for the relevant services provided to the country in the dissemination and expansion of Cape Verdean culture, in the islands and abroad. 

The award ceremony will take place at the Presidential Palace, on the 5th of July, at 18:30.

For people who are on the island of São Vicente and who do not travel to Praia for the ceremony of the 42nd anniversary of National Independence, the delivery of the respective decorations is scheduled, by SE or PR, on the 19th of July, at the end of afternoon, in Mindelo.

Best regards

The Presidency of the Republic

Mindelo, July 4th, 2017


Private Non-Profit Association

Date and place of registration

Cape Verde, July 16, 1996



PO Box 734

Municipal market

S. Vincent,

Cape Green

Legal Statute

Non-governmental organization

Contact Documentation Center 

Telephone & Fax  00 238 232 4111


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