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It is the second annual hub of theater activity in Cape Verde. Institutionalized in 2000, activities take place throughout the month, and throughout the country where there are active theater groups. It culminates with the Commemoration of World Theater Day on March 27, and delivery of the Theatrical Merit Award.  The Cape Verdean media has been mobilized to carry out major campaigns in favor of the performing arts in Cape Verde.



  • Carry out a national campaign to promote the performing arts, with the support of the media;

  • Promoting another theatrical dynamism centre, this time centered on the month of March, with the year enjoying two major dynamism centres, namely: the month of September with the Mindelact Festival and the month of March, with this project;

  • Give more opportunities to national groups to present their theatrical projects;

  • To honor theater agents in general with the attribution of the “Theatrical Merit Award”;

  • Promote a cycle of documentaries / videos dedicated to the performing arts or cultural activities related to them;

  • To serve as an incentive to potential promoters and supporters of the Mindelact Festival for the importance of performing arts in the cultural development of Cape Verde.


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