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The Theater Merit Award was created in 1999 by the Mindelact Association, to annually honor a theater group, individuals, companies or public or private institutions that stand out for their support and contribution to the development of Cape Verdean performing arts and has as main objective serve as an incentive for those who, in one way or another, have contributed to the improvement of our theater. The prize is represented by a bronze statuette designed by the plastic artist Manú Cabral, from one of the elements that make up the Mindelact Association logo, which in turn was designed by the plastic artist Luísa Queirós.

It is delivered on the 27th of March – World Theater Day – and the decision rests with the General Assembly, the highest body of the Mindelact Association.



List of recipients of the Theatrical Merit Award, since its creation in 1999:


1999 - Youth Theater Group on the March (Theater Company) & Mr. Mario Matos (Investigator)
2000 - Francisco Fragoso (Director)
2001 - Salesian School & Portuguese Cultural Center / ICA (Theatrical training institutions)
2002 - Jornal A Semana & Rádio de Cabo Verde (Media organizations)
2003 - Public of Mindelo
2004 - Cineteatro Éden Park (Reference physical space)
2005 - Banco Comercial do Atlântico / BCA (Patronage)
2006 - Luísa Queirós (Plastic Artist)
2007 – César Fortes (Lighting Technician)
2008 – Portuguese Cultural Center Theater Group (Company)
2009 – César Lélis (Actor)
2010 – João Branco (Director)
2011 – Portuguese Cooperation (Institution)
2012 – Manuel Estevão (Actor)
2013 – Craq'Otchod Theater Group (Company)
2014 – Ducha Faria (Actress)
2015 - OTACA (Company)
2016 – Flávio Hamilton (Diaspora)

2017 - Victor Silva (Theatrical Promoter of the island of Sal)

2018 - Fonseca Soares (actor)

2019 - Elisabete Gonçalves (actress, director and costume designer)

2020 - not awarded due to the Covid19 pandemic

2021 - Daniel Monteiro (producer and sociocultural animator)

2021 Theater Merit Award

The Mindelact Artistic and Cultural Association decided, at the General Assembly, by acclamation and unanimity, to award the Theatrical Merit Award 2021 to Daniel Monteiro, producer and associative agent, who for more than 30 years has contributed to the promotion of of Cape Verdean performing arts.

​​The 2021 Theater Merit Award was given to Daniel Monteiro, also known as Nhelas, at the ceremony held on March 27, on World Theater Day, in the courtyard of the Mindelo Cultural Center. 


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