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CEDIT - Center for Theater Documentation and Research

The Mindelact Association, over the years, has accumulated an important documentary and library collection, which it now intends to strengthen, computerize and make available to all interested parties.  
The Center for Documentation and Theater Research has, in addition to this collection now available to researchers, the following components:  
1. Computerized database on theater in Cape Verde.
2. Documentary File:
• Theatre plays
• Programs and brochures for shows
• Posters
• News from newspapers
• Photo File.
3. Theater Library
4. Cape Verdean Culture Library
5. Computers connected to the Internet for research in the Theater area
6. Programming of Training Actions in the archivist aspect.
The Theater Documentation and Research Center is located in the city of Mindelo, on the island of S. Vicente, on the 2nd floor of the Municipal Market, right in the city center (Rua de Lisboa) operating with the following hours:
Monday to Friday: 14:00 - 16:30
Any consultation request outside these hours must be made in writing to
• Serving the memory of the Cape Verdean Theater;
• Contribute to the construction of a documentary collection referring to the history of Cape Verdean theatre;
• To be an instrument of pedagogical and scientific value at the service of the public and national creators and artists; • Have a theatrical library and a documentation center with functions to support theatrical activity in its various domains;
• Have a photographic collection, duly catalogued, available to theater agents and the media;
• Contribute to the investigation, collection and subsequent conservation of all data and elements relating to our theatre;
• Supporting students and researchers in work related to Cape Verdean performing arts;
• Function as a study space, contemplating research via the Internet.
     Mindelact Magazine – Theater in Review
  • Nº 0 - January/June 97  
  • Nº 1 - July/December 97  
  • Nº 2 - January/June 98  
  • Nº 3 - July/December 98  
  • Nº 4 - January/June 99  
  • Nº 5 - July/December 99  
  • Nº 6 - January/June 2000  
  • Nº 7/8 - July 2000/June 2001  
  • Nº 9 - July/December 2001  
  • Nº 10 - January/June 2002  
  • Nº 11 - July/December 2003  
  • No. 12/13 - January/December 2004
  • Nº14 – September 2009    
     Colecção Dramaturgia Nacional
  • Collection of pieces by Espírito Santo Silva
  • Collection of pieces by Mário Lúcio Sousa
  • Collection of pieces by Caplan Neves





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