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Enano Kaos 2018.jpg
 jal kmesa 
11.06. / 18.00h
Lisbon street
Mindelact Artists Collective

Mindelact Opening Art Parade 2019 Participation of artists from around the world

Mr. Muffim Web.jpeg
 Mr Muffin 
11.06. / 18.30h
Helena Reis

A mysterious headless figure takes over the opening ceremony of Mindelact 2019. Is this a good omen?

Desilusão 03.jpg
07.11 / 20:45
Antonio Santos/Staticman

It is a  viva statue character based on modern sculpture, using mixed techniques of scenic presentation for the first time in this art. Strong physical demand, maximum performance periods of 40 minutes at a time, It is a work exorcising the pain of disillusionment, and during the performance meditation is real with the focus on the question: which Path should we follow when the heart no longer beats or beats ?

A Casa das Belas Adormecidas.jpg
 The house of sleeping beauties 
07, 08, 09 and 10.11 / 18:00
Chave d'Ouro pension
Created by Paulo Lage and Sofia Berberan

Photographic performance from   from the universe of "The House of Sleeping Beauty", by Yasunary Kawabata.  A man goes to that house to sleep? to die? By his side sleep women who never wake up. "He opened the card containing two white pills. If he took one of them, he would be in a state of numbness, between dream and reality; if he took both, he would fall asleep like a dead man."


*performance for two spectators lasting 10 minutes.

O Carteiro.jpg
 O Postman 
11.09. / 12.00 pm
Mixed Toast

It is from the public space, between the daily beat that “O Postman” emerges, a performance inspired by the imagination of traditional postal services. In the course of the action, a poetic movement is created that diverts the eyes of the shop windows and mobile phones and contributes to the anonymous, previously indifferent to each other, to stand side by side in a good mood.

 The Hybrid 
09.11 / 20:45
Robson Catalonia
Artistic supervision by Bob Wilson (USA)l

The Hybrid is an investigation into relationships and boundaries between species, races, creeds, genders and behavioral patterns. Design and performance Robson Catalonia Supervision Robert Wilson

Num Ai Canizade.jpg
 Num ai 
10.11 / 20:45
Canizade Group,
with Artistic Supervision by Flávia Gusmão
Cape Green

Artistic supervision by Flávia Gusmão, with Grupo Canizade (Cape Verde) What can you do in five minutes? In five minutes you can miss a plane. In five minutes you can have an ice cream. In five minutes you can fall in love. Can you meet a person in five minutes?

11.11 / 20:45
Luanna Jimenes

Performative installation for immediate pleasure; or Instruction for verticality#2.

12.11 / 20:45
Theater 17
Cape Green

A tribute to the poet Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen and the centenary of her birth. Artistic supervision by João Branco and Janaina Alves. 

11.11 / 20:45
Luanna Jimenes

Performative installation for the farewell; or Instruction for verticality#3.


In partnership with Ricardo Garcia

 Tchon di Balanta 
11.14 / 20:45
Welket Bungue
Guinea Bissau

 'TCHON Di BALANTA', is dance, movement and musicality that are inscribed under the desire of an individual to discover what remains of his cultural heritage of African origin, and the European post-modern man -westernized into which it saw itself become.


Direction, Performer, Dramaturgy and Production  Welket Bungué

Desilusão 01.jpg
11.15. / 20.45
Antonio Santos / Staticman

It is a performance of a living statue that also uses movements of displacement and mime, in which the entire character presents himself as a being of stone. High visual impact. Imagine such a being trying to go shopping in the market...

 Permanence for the reds 
11.16 / 10.30 am
Church square
Luanna Jimenes

The slow movement of the body completely covered by the clothing. The figure merges with an architectural element such as a monument. The result creates a funereal atmosphere around it, an endless requiem. Performance installation for a landscape 

11.16 / 20:45
Lisa Reis
Cape Green

“She is light but worried. Until it gets fixed.”

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