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Official Sponsor Theater in the Square
Partnership Sal Circo Festival / Rafa Pikapau
Pau Segalez.jpg

open your eyes!

Pau Segalez - Spain

Day 11.07 - 17.00

Monte Sossego Square

Abre Los Ojos is the street version of the show Ilusiónate. He has been represented at thirty international festivals in Europe and Colombia. It's the perfect show for large parties, street fairs and outdoor events. The magic will be in the air!

Rafa Pikapau.jpeg

the pikapau show

Rafa Pikapau - Brazil

Day 11.08 - 17.00

Ribeira Bote Square

Pikapau is a balancing expert, but he's also a wine lover and that doesn't sound like a good match. This eccentric character always immerses himself in his imaginary world, transforming common objects and everyday situations into special and challenging moments, where something simple becomes amazing! With visual theater, he creates the whole situation and plays with the audience, the show is a unique and fun performance, with a high level of technical skill that takes you to a magical world full of surprises that are hard to forget.

Mindelact Enano.jpg

red chocolate

Enano - Spain

Day 09.11 - 17:00

Nho Roque Square

Clown of life, fresh, innovative, extroverted, schizophrenic, natural, spontaneous and high intensity improvisation; each show is a new adventure where Enano turns the street into his own home and the audience into his family; anything can happen in this new Adventure. Welcome and Chocolate Monkey!!

Frantxi 01.png

round by round

Frantxi - Italy

Day 10.11 - 17:00

St. Peter's Square

An unusual character takes advantage of every moment to turn it into a game. Your goal is to get in touch with the public, through their madness and play with all the problems. A lively and different show that mixes several theater and circus techniques, such as hula hoop, balance, handling objects, based on the street clown technique. 

Naifs 01.jpg


Daiane Baumgartner - Brazil

Day 13.11 - 17.00

Praça Nova

Inspired by the French suit Naïf, created to designate naive and spontaneous art, the puppeteer and multiartist Daiane Baumgartner portrays the daily life of a lady building a poetic and playful environment. Through the mixture of music, puppets and dance, she enters the scene with the joys and pains, the anxieties and emptiness contained in the memory and in the stories experienced by this old lady, proposing an invitation to the appreciation of our day to day. Unforgettable. 

Dan Marques.jpg

funnykito show

Dan Marques - Brazil

Day 14.11 - 17h00

Ribeira Bote Square

A captivating and enchanting spectacle of comedy and magic illusion created and performed by highly skilled Brazilian artist Dan Marques "Funnykito" will impress audiences of all ages. With its laugh-out-loud comedy, unbelievable illusion and fantastic physical theater, all set to a relaxing and enjoyable soundtrack, "Funnykito" transports audiences into a happy, joyful and magical world.

Tosta Mista_Festiteatro2016.jpg

the juggler

Mixed Toast - Germany

Day 15.11 - 17h00

Salamansa Square

A Theater-Circus show where fun is taken seriously between moments of improvisation, juggling, balance and a unique proximity to its audience. Here, everyone is invited to be part of this character's imagination, which is weaved as the artist explores his favorite objects, with skill and joy. 

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