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Our special thanks go to the artists who 'body the manifesto' in times of great uncertainty and, finally, to the public that follows this festival year after year and that, we are convinced, will find reasons to continue doing so in this edition. .

Watching mindelact 2020 shows will be safe. We have a whole team ready to make this happen and the collaboration of the structures that will host the in-person shows. All rules and conditions required in the resolution recently published in the Official Bulletin will be respected. 

All material, including tickets and program, will be digital. Tickets will be sent to their holders, who will prove their right to attend the shows using their mobile phone. Capacities will be limited to less than 50% and social distancing will be guaranteed at the entrance, inside the performance spaces and at the exit, after the shows have ended. 

Watching mindelact 2020, more than safe, will be healthy! Healthy because the theater is a very popular place: in the theater will be those who, in individual and collective conscience, do not give in to the culture of fear and isolation, who do not give up on culture, critical spirit and empathy.

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