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06 nov


Vinícius Piedade / Musgo Cultural Production  (Brazil/Portugal)

Text: Paulo Campos dos Reis and Vinícius Piedade
Direction: Paulo Campos dos Reis
Interpretation: Vinícius Piedade
Lighting: Paulo Campos dos Reis and Vinícius Piedade
Costume: Piedad (Ana Maria Piedade)
Photography: Danilo Ferrara
Video: Nara Ferriani
Graphic design:Pedro Velho
Sound and light operation: Márcio Baptista
Production Direction: Ricardo Soares (Portugal) Vinícius Piedade (Brazil)
co-production: Vinícius Piedade (Brazil) and Musgo Produção Cultural (Portugal) 
Press office: Open Channel (Márcia Marques)



Probably Saramago is an unprecedented solo performed by Vinícius Piedade whose plot revolves around an actor who, after being passed over in a casting call for a film about Saramago, decides to put on a theatrical show in which, while revealing his disappointment with the cinema, shares his interpretations of Saramago's life and work with the public. Directed by Paulo Campos dos Reis, with each new attempt at scenic adaptation, the actor reviews his ideas and plots, crossing fiction and reality in a labyrinthine game of mirrors.

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