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The participating theater groups and companies no Festival Mindelo Theater International -Mindelact Festival, it is not just groups that, once invited, come to the city of Mindelo to present a theater show. They are more than that. The participating theater groups are partners, they are co-producers, because without local partnerships, either for national or international companies, it is very difficult for the organization to cover and cover all travel costs and artists' fees._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
This is also why the organization ofMindelact Festivalinsists on inviting the companies to be in Mindelo for seven days, covering all expenses for accommodation, food, production costs of the show, promotion, technical assembly, etc.
Therefore, and increasingly, this fantastic event is an open space, of encounters and reunions, of salutary confrontation, an embryo of countless artistic projects, generated from this unique space of conviviality, in an environment that whoever sees does not forget, who don't see, don't believe. A festival of arts, soul and affections. 
The entities and/or companies that support the participating companies are considered sponsors of the event, and as such are considered in the promotional materials of the same.


The participation of national companies is based on a direct invitation from the organization, and any group, company or individual artist may make their proposals with a view to obtaining this invitation. Influential selection criteria are considered:
1. The artistic quality;

2. The creative and original component;

3. The artistic relevance of the proposed work;
4. The location (island to which it belongs);
5. The group's recent history and its dynamism in its place of origin;
6. The group's resource mobilization capacity;
7. The group can present a project, but this presentation is not mandatory, and the invitation can be made at the initiative of the artistic direction of the festival.

Note: it is important that local companies have support and/or partnerships from City Councils and/or companies located on the respective islands.


The participation of international companies is based on a direct invitation from the organization, once the projects presented by interested or contacted theater groups have been analyzed. Influential selection criteria are considered:
1. The artistic quality;

2. The original and creative component;
3. The style of the proposed show: diversification is essential in programming;

4. The theme: special attention is given to productions that reflect or address important issues of the contemporary world, namely, the fight against any kind of prejudice or the historical visibility of minorities.
5. The inclusion of training actions for Cape Verdean theater agents; 
6. Location (country to which it belongs): here too, diversity is important in the final selection;
7. The project presented, considering as an important factor the inclusion of a video record (at least excerpts, but preference is given to the complete record, which can be online), photographs and press dossier, with reviews published in the media;
8. The group's capacity to mobilize resources in its country: naturally, preference is given to projects whose tickets can be guaranteed, partially or totally, in the country of origin;
9. The number of members: the festival cannot select projects with a high number of members due to logistical reasons;
10. Technical issues: there are technical aspects that the festival cannot, or cannot, respond to. This is a factor that must be considered.
11. The scenography: complicated, heavy or sizable scenarios are excluded, for logistical reasons (large scenarios do not fit in the planes that make the internal flights).
Note: it is important that companies have support and/or partnerships from governments or companies in their countries.


Mindelact Association




The Mindelact Artistic and Cultural Association is open to proposals at any time of the year. However, a public notice is opened at the beginning of each year, ending at the end of April, for international companies. Proposals that arrive after this date are considered for later editions. Since the festival takes place in early November, the schedule is set until mid-June.
The selection is made by direct invitation from the organization, based on the analysis of the proposals received and/or information shared by the network of observers and friends spread all over the world.

Good luck!

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