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it's in 2003



This is a year that is intended to be historic. Mindelo is the Lusophone Capital of Culture and the Mindelact Festival 2003 was immediately appointed by the Municipality of S. Vicente – the entity responsible for the practical application of such a proud status – as one of the central activities of these commemorations.  By making this program, we tried to live up to this status, also aware that we made our contribution so that the city of Mindelo could be given the honor of sponsoring such a laudable initiative. It was with this initial assumption that we proceeded with the preparation of yet another international theater festival in Mindelo, an event that is only possible because many desires come together for the same objective. The realization of support as diverse as those that Mindelact manages to bring together to carry out its programming is, above all, proof of the credibility of this team that for almost a decade has contributed to an authentic revolution in the Cape Verdean theater scene. Several Ministries of Culture from different countries, international cooperation, highly credible institutions and companies of outstanding status in the national context, once again supported Mindelact and made another miracle possible.



“Culturally, Mindelact should now be declared a Heritage of the Nation”

Mário Lúcio Sousa – Cape Verdean musician and playwright

“A Miracle!”

Miguel Seabra – Portuguese director

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Mindelo Lusophone Capital of Culture in 2003

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