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it's in 2009
In Memory
Isabel Alves Costa (1946 - 2009)


Show Must Go On! 

In memory of Isabel Alves Costa

As in any journey of life, the theater always knows good times, bad times, moments of great joy, but also moments of deep sadness. However, the way we look at life, we always say that the show must go on. 

Less than a month before the opening of Mindelact 2009, we received the sad news of the death of a great figure in Portuguese theater, Isabel Alves Costa, director of the Porto International Puppet Festival, former artistic director of Rivoli, mother of the Festival's director Mindelact, João Branco

And in the year that Mindelo celebrates its 130 years, the show will be well lit for 11 days with performances by companies from the European, American and African continents, and different bands from our archipelago, distributed between a main stage and other stages for the parapelago. of the city.

Between the 10th and 20th of September, Mindelo breathes theater, infects an entire country and enters the mouth of the world. After all, the fantastic Mindelo audience deserves it. And it is for this audience that we say: the show must go on!

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Antonio Abujamra (Brazil)

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