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Estórea, estórea, fortune from heaven, amen.


There was once a city. That despite the tendency to be an important cultural center of the country, it did not have an active, poignant, diversified theater, with plays to be presented throughout the year. The premiere of a theater show was news as a rarity, groups in the city were few and went months and months without presenting any work. Theater was not, at all, part of a citizen's routine, much less of the city's cultural itinerary.


Once upon a time there was a festival, which was born in 1996, 14 years ago now. With 3 theater groups, two from S. Vicente and one from Santo Antão. Once upon a time, there was a group of lunatics who wandered through Rua de Lisboa, begging to be bought tickets. For what? For the theater, a new festival! mistrust. Twisted noses. Every ticket sold was a win. That's why we say, with propriety: every spectator who goes to the theater today - and the many who are unable to go because they can't get that same ticket before almost offered - has been won over to the theater by the theater itself. For its actors, technicians, promoters. By the lunatics.”



“Midelact is one of the biggest cultural references in Cape Verde”

Manu Preto  – Cape Verdean choreographer

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