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The Road
06, 07 and 08.11 / 19:00, 20:00 & 21:00
MANSA Floating 
Darling Desperados
alternative theater with virtual reality

Hello? And always by bus to work, but one day everything is different. A global pandemic puts everyone's living conditions at their peak and life in and out of the vehicle will never be the same. Based on a concept ofDarling Desperados, South African playwright Philisiwe Twijnstra wrote the story THE ROAD, which revolves around four characters whose life stories are woven into life and death.

THE ROAD is an award-winning performance about how we humans live and survive based on our different living conditions around the world.

Franco Veloz - director, animator, illustrator
Fares Qadri - animator
Philisiwe Twijnstra - screenplay
Jundi Majhul - composition
Matilda Hyttste - costumes and characterization
Alfons Wiberg - technical support
Ulrika Malmgren, Patrik Wiberg, Isi Malmgren Dos Santos, Björn Vårsjö, Emelie Johansson, Bengt Braskered, Katta Pålsson - interpretation


Darling Desperados - production

city charts
and of things
11.06 to 11.11 / 21:00
CCM Patio
T18 - K Scene 2022

A performance exercise by the participants of the Performance Workshop, coordinated by Yannick Fortes for Teatro 18, conceived from a literary work by the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares. First stage of the K Cena 2022 project, in Cape Verde.

SenorDolores-DETAKALI-October2019-Reunion-FR-by-LugdivineUnfer-17- WEB.jpeg
The Way
by Senor Dolores
11.07. / 16.00h
CCM Auditorium
Lucien Elsen and Vanessa Buffone (Luxemburg)
Teatrolândia - show for all ages

After leaving his destroyed country, Señor Dolores hits the road amid strong winds and storms. He doesn't look for a house or a place to stay, he passes: right arrow in the desired direction. Where risk and insecurity, he finds food and rest. A path of loss and failure, courage, strength and fantasy. Face to face with danger: Señor Dolores moves on, lives and dreams.

desenho Khalid.jpg
08 to 12.11 / 17:00 to 19:00
CCM departure
Flavia Gusmão
Cape Green
audio walk /
sound performance

First of five artistic objects   built from the different stages of grief. 

#1 FLAMBOAIÃ is a sound performance, for a spectator, that starts from the idea of loss, created as a site specific for Mindelo in homage to Samira Pereira.

The absence of bodies - of those who speak and about whom they speak - leads the way proposed to the spectator.  The city becomes the body that one crosses in absence, an island-body that transforms itself in the vital cycles of nature. 


Creation: Flavia Gusmão
Creation assistance: Sofia Berberan
Text: Flávia Gusmão and excerpt from Moby Dick, by Herman Melville
Voice : Xullaji
Drawings: Khalid Pereira
Photography of the drawings : Samira Pereira
Music: Ora di bai from Un Kuza Runhu by Scúru Fitchádu
Sound design: Madalena Palmeirim
Photography: Corinne Van Egeraat
Produced by: Mara Costa
Production support: Madeleny Santos

Acknowledgements: Gigi Figueira, Blandine Melis, Corinne Van Egeraat, Irina Morais, Luisa Homem, Marcus Veiga, Marta Furtado, Péricles Silva, Rita Ribeiro, Soraia Tavares, Zero Point Art Gallery

Support: ZDB

FEEDBACK-1-1024x684 (1).jpg
12.11 / 20:00
Club Nautico. Capoeira School
 André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo / CRL - Power Station
process opening

We see “Feedback” as a research-creation project, dedicating a longer time to it than usual, with several moments of opening the process. Share some excerpts, show possibilities and talk about them, a kind of exercise to organize ideas.

Artistic direction: André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo
Interpretation: André Braga
Live sound: João Sarnadas
Production direction: Ana Carvalhosa
Technique: Pedro Coutinho with Gonçalo Mota

Co-production: CRL - Power Station, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro das Figuras

This project has the Support for the Internationalization of the Arts of the Portuguese Republic - Culture I DGARTES – Directorate-General for the Arts

Circolando / CRL - Central Elétrica is a structure subsidized by the Ministry of Culture / General Directorate of Arts

Other support: Municipality of Porto and IEFP / Cace Cultural do Porto

245586695_296164512338752_7869734361169788941_n (1).jpg
11.13 / 20:00
Chiquinho Project
Cape Green
a badju by Rosy Timas

A choreography resulting from the residency of the dancer Rosy Timas on the island of S. Nicolau, with the members of Projeto Chiquinho and its artistic residency program. 

Interpreters: Divá Brito and Benvindo Oliveira
Artistic direction and music: Rosy Timas
Text: extracts from poems by Gabriel Mariano
Production assistance: Emilia Wojciechowska, Stephanie Silva and Anira Duarte
Video: Emilia Wojciechowska
Production: AC Collective of Artists Projeto Chiquinho

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