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Official Sponsor Digital Theater
Bold Theater (Kenya)
November 6th - 17:00 (CV)
from the Zoom platform

Am I who I really thought I was? How can I continue to be in this new world order where everyone has been forced to approach life from a different perspective? Toshanisha - The New Normals follows seven Kenyans in various regions, a Congolese in a refugee camp and a Brazilian in São Paulo as they struggle to adjust their lives during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Produced by Bold Theater in collaboration with Os Satyros.

With Aroji Otieno, Awuor Onyango, Calvin Kinyua, Cindy Nyambura, Idris leem, Mariana França, Martina Ayoro, Nungari Kiore and Rey Bulambo.

By Ivam Cabral and Rodolfo Garcia Marquez
Directed by Rodolfo Garcia Marquez


Cabaret Dada.jpeg
company Satyros (Brazil)
November 7th - 11:00 pm (CV)
from the Zoom platform

The show starts from the study of Dadaism, an avant-garde movement of the early 20th century, of protest against bourgeois, nationalist and capitalist values, with an anarchic spirit and ironic character, which arose motivated by the panorama of destruction of the First World War and the Spanish flu epidemic, that killed millions of people. Today, one hundred years later, artists are faced with a pandemic and serious political crises, and the Satyros investigate the connection between the lives of artists today and in the time of the Dadaists, and what are the current challenges of making art.

With Alessandra Nassi, Alex de Felix, Anna Kuller, André Lu, Beatriz Medina, Bruno de Paula, Cristian Silva, Dominique Brand, Elisa Barboza, Felipe Estevão, Guilherme Andrade, Heyde Sayama, Ícaro Gimenes, Ingrid Soares, Julia Francez, Karina Bastos , Luis Holiver, Vitor Lins.

By Ivam Cabral and Rodolfo Garcia Marquez
Directed by Rodolfo Garcia Marquez


La Fora, Temporal.jpeg
Arpex Productions (Brazil)
November 13th - 11:00 pm (CV)
from the Zoom platform

Outside, TEMPORAL, is a dramaturgical exercise on the temporal dimension and its effects. About our ancestral inability to understand existence, its meanings and purposes. An extended look at the accumulation, overlapping of things, time and experience.

Text by Marcelo Aquino
Direction Cassia Vilasbôas
With Analu Prestes and Ary Coslov


company Theater Nova (Brazil)
November 14th - 11:00 pm (CV)
from the YouTube channel

The play is a vertiginous journey about four lives in ruins and out of balance, in the midst of a dark valley of streams of consciousness, which seek the meaning of their existence.

By Richard Foreman - Richard Foreman Trilogy Project
Direction and Lighting Lenerson Polonini

Cast Fábio Mráz, Carina Casuscelli, Rosa Freitas and Rafael Schmitt

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