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is in 2007



This festival must be, more and more, a source of pride for Cape Verde. It is growing visibly, it is gaining increasing recognition, indoors and out, it is, in short, justifying the bet that we have all seen in it.


And when we say everyone, we are talking about the governing bodies that work for an entire year to make "this" possible, we are talking about public decision-makers, who continue to respect and support our work, we are talking about the entrepreneurs who cherish and bet on our work and our image, we talk about the media that has made this event visible to those who cannot live it in loco, we talk about the theater agents in this country who continue to make theater in unbelievably difficult conditions - and that would make anyone give up, we talk about our fellow all these countries, who generously try to give us and show us a little of their art and a lot of their talent, as well as to take away the nostalgia of a few days spent in a festive atmosphere as only Mindelact can provide.



“No words to thank so much affection, love and professionalism”

Sydney Brittany – Brazilian actor

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Muy Sua (photo João Barbosa)

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